Thursday, January 13, 2011

Latest Project

So I decided that my New Year's Resolution is to get organized, stay organized, save money and be creative. Now that Shawn has a job I finally get some alone time to organize my baking stuff. It's an on going process that I've struggled to keep up. I have so many different projects going and it's hard to keep everything in its place. Well I'm happy to say I made a lot of progress last week and look forward to hopefully finishing it this weekend. Pictures to come soon. Well today I did my best to be creative and keep myself busy! When seeing Cake Pops on I knew that I absolutely had to make some. My mom bought me some cupcake cake pop molds for my birthday last week so today I busted out my sprinkles :-)
Here they are all packaged up for Marysa's 7th birthday party on Sunday!

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